Fabrics by Designer - Denise Burkitt

Denise remembers how much she loved finger painting at Kindergarten and all that fabulous freedom of Expression! Art was all she ever wanted to do. She has a background as an Illustrator, having graduated in Commercial Illustration at The Queensland College of Art and later studied Visual Arts, majoring in textile printing. Denise with her dog “Millie” embarked on a solo trip around Australia in 2009 in a newly purchased motorhome and early in the trip she realized with gratitude that she was on “One Big Art Excursion”! Today Denise travels often, painting in the open, exploring natural environments, where she feels “Most at Home” and creative!

A local designer, Denise has a home base/studio in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia and is grateful to have recently joined FreeSpirit as a designer, feeling truly fulfilled in her life’s quest to paint and share her organic, large scale and colourful designs.