Fabrics by Colour - Neutrals

"Any colour that lacks strong chromatic content is said to be unsaturated, achromatic, near neutral, or neutral. Neutral or pure achromatic colours include black, white and all grays. Near neutrals include browns, tans, pastels and darker colours. Near neutrals are obtained by mixing pure colours with white, black or grey, or by mixing two complementary colours. In colour theory, neutral colours are easily modified by adjacent more saturated colours and they appear to take on the hue complementary to the saturated colour; e.g., next to a bright red couch, a gray wall will appear distinctly greenish. Black and white have long been known to combine "well" with almost any other colours; black decreases the apparent saturation or brightness of colours paired with it, and white shows off all hues to equal effect.Quoted from Wikipedia and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

We have replicated the colours on our website as closely as possible to the true colours of the actual fabrics, however, please be aware that colours represented can vary slightly due to screen resolution, lighting and other factors which are beyond our control.